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Best Responsible Brands Driving Positive Change in Bali, Indonesia.

Our vibrant community of sustainable brands in fashion, beauty, homeware, and more, is a collective force for positive change. They are united by a shared commitment to ethical practices, eco-conscious materials, and a vision for a better future. Together, they are redefining the standards of conscious consumerism, offering products that not only look and feel fantastic but also make a meaningful impact on a local and global scale.

Responsible Fashion Accessories Brands


Each year 1.5 billion tires are being discarded worldwide. These tires never decompose and are a breeding ground for deadly diseases. Indosole has found a better use for these tires and have prevented over 100,000 tires from landfills and given them new life as soles for our footwear.


Olamii creates tomorrow’s classics for today’s women. A luxe jewelry brand that gives new life to the ‘classic’ pearl necklace, combining extravagant enthusiasm and celebrating simplicity each piece in the collections echoes the beauty and wonder of island life. Handcrafted by local artisans in the mountains of Bali. Shop Now


Padmala Atelier was born to share the connection of craft, culture and nature with humanity through architecturally inspired designs to celebrate self-expression. The jewelry pieces are inspired by the cultures we come from, reimagined for who we are now and forged for the people we want to become. Shop Now


A Made in Bali | IG @365_dry

365-DRY is a sustainable rainwear brand. The brand have been producing rain ponchos out of recycled plastic bottles for 6 years. Founded in Bali, 365-DRY is now an international business.


Available around Bali | IG @kmana_concept

From the skilfully hand-woven Intrecciato patterns to the beautiful finishing of each piece, Kmana is an authentic expression of refined ancestral craftmanship and timeless design. A passion for travel and cross-cultural design unites the founders of Kmana, a Mediterranean couple living in Southeast Asia for the past 10 years. Shop Now


Using wood and bamboo, Kate Wood creates lightweight and comfortable products. Kate Wood’s wooden watches and wooden bracelets are completely handmade from wood. The wood used for the watches has the FSC certification mark and is recycled. Shop Now

Responsible Beauty Brands


“We created Fields of Yarrow, an organic and natural skincare line, using the magical ingredients found mainly in the Indonesian archipelago, hand picked for their unique benefit to your skin.


Available around Bali | IG @savarabodycare

“At Savara, we believe that true beauty comes from treating your body with love and care. That’s why we carefully source only the finest natural ingredients, sustainably harvested from Bali and throughout Indonesia. Shop Now


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