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Take a Flight to Nowhere in this Private Jet Villa in Bali


Perched in the stunning Uluwatu region of Bali, the Private Jet Villa captures attention with its distinctive allure.

Created by entrepreneur Felix Demin, this exceptional retreat is unlike any other, as it is ingeniously fashioned from a Boeing 737 plane. After acquiring the aircraft in Bali, Demin found the perfect spot for it to call home — atop the mesmerizing Nyang Nyang Cliffs with unmatched vistas of Bali’s captivating coastline.

Though challenged by the pandemic in 2020, the project persevered, with a dedicated team of architects, designers and structural engineers from Geometrium Studio tirelessly working to realize Demin’s vision. Finally, in December 2023, the Private Jet Villa gracefully opened its doors, swiftly earning its place among the world’s most prestigious luxury retreats.

When guests arrive, they are welcomed by a set of stairs that lead directly into The Cabin dining and bar area, where minimal interiors and a cozy sofa to lounge in awaits. The seamless glass folding doors then connect this space to the Wing Lounge, allowing guests to feel as if they are floating among the clouds and giving them a marvelous view of the coastline’s stunning sunrises and sunsets. Additionally, a helipad is even available for those seeking the complete luxury experience of chartering a helicopter.

The Private Jet Villa is equipped with advanced smart control systems that can be easily managed using an iPad. Within the cockpit, a jacuzzi is surrounded by smart glass, which can swiftly switch from opaque to transparent with a simple touch, revealing an awe-inspiring vista.

The Private Jet Villa is an absolute must for aviation enthusiasts, architecture lovers, engineering enthusiasts, connoisseurs of luxury interiors and anyone seeking opulent experiences.


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