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Hospitality Consultancy

Elevate Your Establishment's Service Standards with our Hospitality Consulting Services

At LVM, we understand the heart and soul of Bali's vibrant hospitality industry—the warmth of your staff's smiles, the impeccable service, and the unique experiences you offer to every guest. Yet, we recognize the potential for enhancement in operational efficiency and service standards to further elevate the experience you provide.

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We specialize in enhancing operational efficiency, refining service quality, and implementing high standards of excellence within the hospitality sector. Our tailored consultancy services are designed to address the precise needs of establishments like yours, aiming to refine and perfect the finer aspects of service delivery.

Our comprehensive consultancy services are strategically designed to address the specific areas that often require refinement within the hospitality sector. We specialize in enhancing operational efficiency, refining service quality, and maintaining impeccable standards.

Areas of Expertise

Service Operations Optimization

We analyze your current workflow and suggest optimizations to streamline processes for improved efficiency.


Improving the timing and accuracy of food orders for a smoother kitchen-to-table process.


Implementing effective techniques to enhance sales and revenue through strategic upselling without compromising guest experience.

Staff Training and Development

Elevating your team's skill set through comprehensive training modules, enhancing service quality and guest satisfaction.

Timely Table Turnaround

Ensuring swift and seamless turnover of tables without rushing guests, maximizing your establishment's capacity.

Hygiene and Standards Implementation

Implementing rigorous hygiene protocols and maintaining high service standards to exceed guest expectations.

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Our Approach

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We don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Our consultancy is tailored to your establishment's unique needs and challenges.

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We work side-by-side with your team, providing practical guidance and support throughout the implementation process.

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Continuous Improvement

Our commitment extends beyond initial implementations. We facilitate ongoing improvements and adjustments to sustain long-term success.

Key Highlights

Here are some key aspects that contribute to making a restaurant great, along with services or areas where as a consulting firm can offer expertise.


Offering training programs to enhance staff's customer service skills, focusing on personalized interactions, handling difficult situations, and maintaining a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Marketing and Branding

Crafting marketing strategies to increase visibility, engage customers, and build a strong brand identity through social media, branding campaigns, and promotions.

Training and Development

Creating tailored training programs for kitchen staff and servers focusing on food safety, sanitation, and continuous improvement in skills and knowledge.


Assisting in creating menus that balance innovation, customer preferences, seasonality, and cost-effectiveness. Providing expertise in dish selection, pricing strategies, and menu engineering.

Technology Integration

Advising on technology adoption such as POS systems, online ordering platforms, reservation systems, and CRM tools to streamline operations and improve customer experience.

Guest Experience Enhancement

Conducting guest surveys, feedback analysis, and implementing strategies to improve the overall dining experience, including ambiance, seating arrangements, and customer engagement.


Analyzing workflow processes to streamline operations, reduce wait times, improve kitchen efficiency, and enhance overall restaurant performance.

Financial Management

Providing expertise in cost control, inventory management, and financial analysis to maximize profitability while maintaining quality.

Quality Control and Consistency

Implementing quality standards for food and beverages, ensuring consistency in taste, presentation, and portion sizes across all servings.


Sustainability and Responsiveness

Developing sustainable practices and advising on eco-friendly initiatives, waste reduction strategies, and sourcing ethical ingredients.

As a consulting firm, specialized in the hospitality industry, we could offer services in these areas, tailoring their expertise to the specific needs and challenges of each restaurant to help them achieve greatness.

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We would be honored to schedule a meeting to discuss how our consultancy services can specifically benefit your establishment. Please feel free to contact us at to arrange a convenient time.

Thank you for considering LVM as your partner in achieving unparalleled service excellence. We look forward to the possibility of working together to redefine hospitality standards in Bali.

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