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Giving you the freedom to make requests as you please, LOV manages the details in your life so you don’t have to.

Concierge Service | Luxury Travel | Event Management



Unlike luxury hotels with a staff tending to thousands of guests every day, you'll have your own dedicated on-site team. From picking up groceries to arranging private excursions, whatever it is you want or need, we’ll take care of it. Each itinerary in Indonesia is carefully crafted to the specifications of guests to ensure their perspective of this gorgeous tropical nation is both authentic and inspiring while also providing the special touches of exclusivity and opulence that differentiates LOV travel from standard touring. We want you to enjoy your LOV adventure on your terms. That means making sure you have time to yourself to explore, immerse and discover at your own pace.

“Welcome to your world. We care deeply and strive to offer our discerning clients more than they desire. We explore every possible option until the perfect experience emerges. Our clients are not just numbers; they’re part of our extended family, constantly seeking high-quality and highly tailored luxury travel and concierge services. More importantly, in the best tradition of our signature touch, all our projects are carried out with strict confidentiality, respecting the privacy of our clients. We invite you to take advantage of our insider expertise in the luxury travel, entertainment, and lifestyle industry, and to embark with us on a journey full of endless possibilities.”

~The LOV Angels

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We know that no two journeys are the same, so design bespoke experiences that are uniquely yours and catered to your passions and interests. Allow us to help you build your ultimate itinerary that exceeds your expectations both on land and at sea. We are here to look after you from the moment you arrive in Indonesia to the moment you leave.


​​With unparalleled expertise and knowledge of Bali and Indonesia, our team knows these islands intimately and can plan every trip with precision and confidence. With a wealth of contacts on the ground, we can arrange every last detail of each bespoke itinerary in Indonesia, from flights to transfers, tours, expert guides, and more.

Image by Silas Baisch


Experts in luxury travel and tailor-made journeys, LOV is a carefully curated collection of the finest luxury Bali villa rentals and private yacht charters in Indonesia. Handpicked for their world-class services and amenities, experience the height of hospitality in our luxury holiday homes and on the most stylish yachts in Indonesia.



Concierge services provide personal assistance like transportation, booking flights, household management, vacation planning, and lifestyle management. With concierge services VIP clients like CEO, high-level managers, celebrities, and high-flyers are able to focus on their personal development, business aspirations, or enjoying their life. 


Every time you travel, you’ll have a dedicated on-site team to manage every detail. Need groceries? They’ll get them. A night out? They’ll book it. Want a massage? A yoga instructor? A private chef? Housekeeping? Just ask. With your concierge tending to your every need, you’ll get the total attention you deserve. 





"On our recent Bali holiday we booked the helicopter transfer service to the Gili Islands. From the moment we booked, the team at The LOV Angels ensured a seamless experience. They arranged everything, including a police escort to bypass traffic and whisk us comfortably to the helipad. The helicopter ride itself was breathtaking. Soaring above the turquoise waters, we arrived at Gili T in style, feeling like VIPs all the way. Upon landing, we were met with warm smiles and assisted with our luggage transfer to our villa. The entire experience was efficient, luxurious, and unforgettable. Thanks to the team!"

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