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Travel inspires profound learning through encounters

with nature, cultural immersion, and historic insights.

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We are always seeking the extraordinary. We know the joy of discovery, of exploring those hidden gems that can only be found off the beaten track. With LOV, your adventure will be crafted by experts, people who know the country you are visiting intimately. We compile our own itineraries based on your exact requirements that comprise rare excursions in less visited places – always using expert guides.


We are in constant search of local experts, authentic people, and hidden places that will allow you to immerse yourself into genuine Indonesian culture, discovering the secular traditions of our local artisans, the surprising culinary flavors, and the unparalleled natural beauties of our country.

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Image by Geio Tischler


With a seemingly endless parade of cultural experiences in Bali, this island is truly magical. We place community, lands, and traditions at the heart of our business. Each day we work to create meaningful luxury and adventurous experiences for visitors coming to Indonesia, that leave a positive footprint on our world.


For us, travel inspires profound learning through encounters with nature, cultural immersion, historic insights, and most importantly a greater understanding of how we responsibly integrate ourselves with the sacred lands we visit. Wherever you wish to saunter in Indonesia, we are here to share our vast knowledge of expertise, and create a customized holiday for you that is exclusive and extraordinary.

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