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Welcome to luxury and exclusivity. Discover our unique travel packages specially created for demanding travelers in search of ultimate experiences around Indonesia.

5-Star Service | Exclusive | 24/7 Concierge


Discover luxury experiences in Bali, from romantic dinners to private helicopter tours, and parties on yachts to spiritual healing. Send a full swing on the globally recognized golfing range for an exciting afternoon. Take to thrilling heights on a helicopter ride and view Bali from a different perspective. Set sail on a yacht and invite only your best crew for an adventure in the open waters. Charter a private boat tour around Bali and experience life at sea. Rewarded with itineraries such as island hopping, snorkeling, and feasting on buffet meals aboard, it’s a perfect way to enjoy a luxury getaway.

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The LOV Angels take the experiences of the Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Penida to the next level.  An extraordinary boat trip to enjoy with Friends or Family. 


2 days trip on a private yacht - Private chauffeur - Island adventures - Private beaches - Stargazing - Lunch on a pristine beach - Snorkeling - Jetskis - Manta-ray Sightseeing 


Nusa Penida - Nusa Lembongan 




The LOV Angels take the experiences of the Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Penida to the next level.  An extraordinary boat trip to enjoy with Friends or Family. 


3 days trip - Luxury Resort - Private Chauffeur - Helicopter Tour - Elephant Park - Volcano Sightseeing - Hot Springs - Monkey Forest - 4X4 tours - Waterfall & Rafting Adventures


Ubud, Bali



The LOV Angels take the experiences of the Nusa Lembongan & Nusa Penida to the next level.  An extraordinary boat trip to enjoy with Friends or Family. 


2 days trip - Boat party - Private chauffeur - Luxury Villa - Special Event Planner - Spa Day - Buffet - VIP venues




  • How do you plan my trip?
    First things first; you need to have an idea of how long you want to travel when you’d like to go and how much you want to spend. After you have that decided, it’s time to talk to us!
  • Talk to our Travel Ambassadors
    Our consultants will listen to your ideas and talk to you about what you most enjoy, so they can identify the most important aspects of this trip for you. The important factors could be relaxation, cultural encounters, wildlife spotting, beaches, or just the freedom to get about at your own pace.
  • Your bespoke quotation
    Once we’ve spoken to you, we go away and begin planning. Within a few hours (it can take a few days to research each bespoke trip) we’ll email you the first draft of your unique itinerary. This will include your accommodation and activities, a brief description of any tailor-made tour suggestions, and the total price. The idea is for you to read through your itinerary to see if you like the sound of it. At this point, nothing is booked, so if you choose to switch any hotels or add/remove any options, you can. The whole point is that the final say is yours – we want yours to be the trip of a lifetime!
  • What about accommodation?
    You have complete freedom to choose the location, style, and budget of each element of your accommodation. If you’ve read about an amazing little place, we can get a quote for you or suggest similar places, based on what you tell us you like. Want a villa with a great view? We can find it for you! Why not mix villas & hotels on your trip? Tailored travel means you could opt to stay in a few hand-picked, great-value properties so you can stay somewhere truly memorable!
  • How is my transport arranged?
    In terms of getting around, tailored travel can include a luxury car or executive coach, with or without a personal chauffeur – the choice is yours! If you’re planning a road trip, we can recommend a vehicle with the right comfort level to suit you. We’ll talk you through all the insurance options to make sure you understand everything and have complete peace of mind. Pre-booking your vehicles before arrival is a weight off your mind, but it also guarantees the best price and availability.
  • Interested in planning a trip of your own?
    So now you know; that tailor-made travel just means custom-built trips, built around your individual interests, style, and budget. If you’re interested in planning a holiday and it’s your first long-haul trip, or it’s a destination that’s new to you and you feel like you need a little expert help, The LOV Angels will help organize all of your arrangements. Be assured that we’re here to listen to you, make good recommendations, and take any pain out of planning your holiday of a lifetime!


Our philosophy is to offer special holidays tailored to your personal requirements. We do not believe one size fits all things, there are always going to be times when you are after something a little more, bespoke. A tailored experience, something designed just for you.

Focusing on personalized service and bespoke itineraries, we meticulously arrange your trip to Indonesia based on your unique interests, ideal travel pace, accommodation preferences, and personal travel style. We use our expert knowledge to seek out the best that the country has to offer - the best places to stay, the best experiences, the best routes, and we take away the hard work by arranging it all for you. So sit and relax, as we help you to experience this amazing country to the fullest!

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